Wedding Rental Information

Delivery / Pick-up Policy:

Delivery and Pick-up services are available for $40.00 each way within the City of Edmonton limits. Deliveries are ground floor only. Items will be neatly stacked next to the entryway. Additional charges will be applied if articles are to be carted up or down stairs, on elevators or more than minimal distances. This policy applies to all rental equipment including tents.

On Pick-up items should be neatly stacked closed to the entryway. Dinnerware should be rinsed and packed in their original shipping containers. Tables and chairs must be folded and stacked. Items not meeting these conditions are subject to additional charges processed on the security deposit.

Out of Town Deliveries / Pick-ups:

Additional mileage will be calculated pending location and crew required. Please inquire for rates. Additional charges apply when delivery or pick-up is required outside normal business hours.

Equipment Responsibility:

Equipment is the responsibility of the Renter (customer) from the time of delivery or pickup to the time of its return. Our equipment count will be considered correct unless we are notified prior to the event (messages left on our 24 hr. answering service are considered proper notification). Please be sure equipment is secured and protected when not in use. Damaged, missing, stolen, or lost items will be charged at replacement cost. Charges will be billed to the customer’s security deposit.

Security Deposit:

A Security Deposit is required on all orders in the form of a signed valid credit card imprint (Visa or Master Card) or cash deposit (determined by management on value of the order).

Reservation / Cancellation Policy:

A 25% deposit is required upon reservation of equipment or services. Deposit will be refunded in full if cancelled 60 days prior to the event. 60-day notice is required on all tents. Some exceptions apply. Refunds are not issued for rental items returned unused. QUANTITY ADJUSTMENTS ON RESERVED ITEMS ARE TO BE MADE AT LEAST 14 DAYS PRIOR TO YOUR PICKUP DATE.

Dinnerware Rentals:

Dinnerware returned no rinsed will be assessed a $2.00 cleaning charge for every 10 pieces. Dinnerware must be returned in the container it was issued in. Breakage, loss and damage will be charged for.

Pricing is for a 24-hour or one day use unless otherwise specified. Equipment for weddings may be picked-up on Thursday and returned on Monday (some exceptions apply). Please call for other rates. Prices do no include GST. Some items are not exactly as illustrated. Items and pricing are subject to change without notice.