Linen Sizing Guide

Linen sizing

One of the most popular things our clients ask for assistance with is figuring out linen sizes. This depends on not only the size and shape of your table but the look you wish to achieve. Here is a quick reference guide for linen sizing:

Banquet table 4 ft: You can use a 60 x 120 on this table, it would cover all four sides to the floor, with potentially a little bit of excess, depending on the look you want, we do have some smaller sized linens as well.

Banquet table 6 ft/ 8 ft: The standard size of linen for this size of table is a 60 x 120, this hangs about halfway to the floor on all sides of the table. You are also able to rent a 72 x 120, which will hang lower on either side and potentially negate the need for a tableskirt. If you wish for the cloth to go to the floor, you require a 90 x 156.

Round table 4 ft: If you want your linen to reach the floor, you require a 108" round table linen, if not then a 90" will go about halfway - 3/4 of the way to the ground.

Round table 5 ft/ 6 ft: If you want your linen to reach halfway to the ground, you require a 90" round table linen, if you want it to go all the way to the floor you require a 120" round linen.

A rule to always go by when it comes to linens is measure. It is always best to double check that the cloth you reserved will fufill the look that you want for your event, and the only way to ensure this is to measure the table!

Of course our staff are always here to assist you when needed, and you can always call our showroom at 780-479-2777 if you have any questions regarding anything!