Create your colour story

Colour, Colour, Colour and More Colour!

Colour is a vital building block in trying to establish the decor you want for your wedding day. It can be used as a pop in a black and white motif, or be the vocal point of your reception.

Some brides want just an extra pop of colour in their elegant black and white motif. They can achieve this through a coloured runner or napkins on the reception tables, coloured flowers in the centrepieces, coloured back lighting on their backdrop, or coloured stones scattered on the tables. They may also want to include coloured chair ties, favours, aisle runner or crystals.

For the bride that wants as much colour as possible, she can match any of the above ideas with a coloured table linen, or chair bags. Lanterns could be hung from the ceiling with some upsidedown parisols, or drape coloured fabric from the ceiling to create a soothing, elegant effect. Coloured flower balls could be placed on top of glass vases, with some coloured rocks or sand within to liven up the centrepieces.

There are countless options when it comes to tying colour into your wedding to create the mood the bride is after. Come into ABC Weddings to look at all of our options and get our staff to help you create a colour story you and your guests will remember!


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