Chair bags or no chair bags?

Chair Bags

Let's face it, most venues have chairs that are either abnormally ugly or don't go with your wedding colours in the least. There is an easy fix for this to make your room look elegant and keep with your colour story. The answer- chair covers!

At ABC Weddings we have three different kinds - lycra chair covers, stretch chair covers and chair bags. All of them can be seen by clicking on the "Chair Bag Rentals" and "Chair Covers and Accessories" in our rental catalogue. These three options give you a variety of both price and colour.

Lycra chair covers fit pretty much any chair without arm rests! They come in black, white, ivory and red and are our most affordable option at $2.50 a cover. The Stretch chair covers fit certain varieties of chairs - usually people have to measure these - they are fitted and cost $2.80 each. These come in white, ivory and black. The chair bags are made of satin and have a large variety of colours. They cost $3.75 each, but don't require a chair bow rental on top of a chair cover rental and are an easy way to make your venue look absolutely great!